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Sexy Silk Stockings

sexy silk stockings

Ask virtually any man on earth and he will agree that there is something inherently horny about a woman wearing sexy silk stockings. Maybe it is down to that little strip of bare skin just above the stocking-top that lets him know that he is virtually at his ultimate destination. If he does not know that you are wearing sexy stockings and he just happens to discover the naked skin above them when you are necking, then it is guaranteed he will be up and ready for action!

For years now men have found the idea of women wearing sexy stockings underneath a uniform even hornier. It is most probably down to the fact that the wearing of a uniform denotes authority and men do adore the idea of a woman in authority taking charge of things. Couple that idea of a uniformed woman taking charge, and wearing sexy stockings and he will feel that all of his birthdays have come at once!

Familiarity can take some of the excitement out of anyone’s love-making when they have been together for a while, as we are all guilty of tending to get ‘comfortable’ with our partner in time. So one easy way to bring a little added extra frisson to your love-making routine is to hire a uniform for a day and surprise him when he least expects it. Just tell him to make sure he gets home from work at a reasonable time as you have a surprise for him.

Try and find out before what his favorite uniform is and have one discreetly shipped to you. Then, get the ingredients for his favorite meal. The beauty of this kind of surprise is that it does not have to cost a lot of money, and certainly far less than it would be to book a hotel for the weekend.

Cook a lovely dinner (and preferably one which you can prepare in advance) so that you can spend the maximum amount of time with him and not in the kitchen. Greet him wearing your normal clothes and slip upstairs when the dinner is finishing cooking. Come down wearing your uniform complete with sexy thigh high stockings under and serve his dinner. Don’t say a thing about being in different clothes; just wait for his response!

If you are feeling brave, wear no panties with the sexy stockings, and try and find an excuse to lean over so he can maybe guess at what you have on underneath the uniform. He will not be able to keep his hands off you and will be eager to get to dessert, and I don’t mean the Ben & Jerry’s!

If your uniform is that of a policewoman, don’t forget to get some handcuffs, just to keep him in control! For very little outlay you will have a fabulous, sensual evening, packed full with good sex, and all because you chose to buy a pair of sexy stockings!