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Sexy Valentines Day Outfits to Surprise (Or Seduce) Him

Sexy Valentines Day Outfits to Surprise or Seduce Him

Only you will know what kind of clothes your guy finds sexy; sexy means different things to different people. Maybe your guy’s ideal would be sexy underwear, or maybe he likes the idea of a nice dress, with no underwear! You alone will know the answer to this one. So how do you come up with some sexy Valentine’s Day outfits guaranteed to surprise, or even seduce him?

The first thing you need to think about is whether you are going to be going out for the evening, or having a romantic night at home. When you know that, then you can begin to put together a sexy Valentine’s Day outfit. If you are going out for the evening, then a great way of surprising him is to choose a dress which is perfectly cut to complement your figure; sexy doesn’t have to mean low-cut or clingy, it can be something which is well-tailored and does cling in all the right places. Red is a traditional color for romance and also is a great color for a sexy Valentine’s Day surprise outfit, especially if you team it with no underwear! But make sure you don’t tell him about the underwear; this is meant to be a surprise, right?

Wait until you are sitting at the dining table and the waiter has taken your order; turn to your guy and whisper in his ear that you have ‘forgotten’ something. He will obviously be concerned and ask if he can help; that’s when you tell him, “Not unless you have a spare pair of panties in your pocket!” Now that’s the kind of sexy Valentine’s Day outfit which most men would appreciate because it represents completely opposite sides of your personality. There you are, looking lady-like on the outside and yet he won’t be able to stop thinking about the fact that you have no panties on! The chances are that you may be stopping in the car on the way home for a ‘quickie,’ because he simply will not be able to wait.

If you are staying in for the evening, then another sexy Valentine’s Day outfit to surprise him with just has to be sexy underwear. The choice is yours here; you can either keep it as a surprise for him to discover at the end of the night and then show him, or alternatively, you can greet him at the door wearing it, and nothing else, (apart from the obligatory high-heeled shoes, of course!) And for your outfit to be sexy, just because it’s Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to be tempted down the usual, red and black lingerie route. White lingerie can be just as sexy as anything!

Another great option for the big night is to try some role play outfits. You can get a sexy maid costume or a naughty schoolgirl outfit

Whichever sexy outfit you choose for Valentine’s Day, just surprise him with it and then you can move onto a killer seduction scene!

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