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Shy of Role Play? How to be a Sexy Maid

Sometimes it can be difficult to be anyone other than ourselves, but I have found a super way of getting into role play. Try to stop thinking of yourself as being you in different clothing; instead try to embrace the fact that you are acting a role and this will give you the freedom to ‘hide’ behind the role you have decided on.

For example, when you have decided to become a sexy maid, then you will find it easier if you have a complete outfit to work with. Don’t just decide to get the traditional short skirt and frilly apron. Instead go the whole way; get a pair of sexy fishnet stockings or knee highs to match. Wear a push-up bra and put your hair up in a French knot.

Your man will be completely entranced by the effort you have gone to and he will be in sensory overload; so many ‘forbidden’ things in front of him at one time will quite simply blow his mind! You won’t just be a sexy maid to him; you will be the whole wet dream package!

And sometimes role play is a good way of making things last longer in the bedroom, although when you are wearing such a sexy outfit, you will need to be prepared for maybe needing to have seconds on a night like that. He may not be able to stop himself from cumming too quickly when he sees you in full sexy maid’s regalia.

And remember, the point of being a sexy maid is that you are there to cater to his every need, just like a good old-fashioned maid would have done. So accept his orders for the night, and do as he asks. (You can always swap over next time and you can be the one in charge…maybe a police officer teaching him how to behave?).

So if he asks you to run him a bath and scrub or massage his back, dip your head demurely and say “Certainly sir.” Help him to get undressed and make sure the water isn’t too hot by testing it yourself first. Pour him his favorite drink and carry it into the bathroom for him along with a tray of his favorite nibbles, which you can feed to him because his hands will be wet.

Wrap him in a warm and fluffy towel when he gets out and help him to get dried. Try and dodge his advances for as long as you can because he will get his reward later on when he gets to peel those thigh high boots off, followed by your sexy stockings. Or better still, get him to leave the stockings on and just peel your panties down your legs.

Just remember to obey his every wish, safe in the knowledge that you know he would never hurt you. He will be so overwhelmed by your putting in so much effort as a sexy maid, that he will be glad to take turns next time and obey your every wish. So here’s to the next time!