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Skype Sex: Tips For Having Sex on Skype or FaceTime

having sex on skype

It can get really lonely for both of you if your long-term partner has to work in a different city, or even worse, a different country for a while. You miss the closeness, the cuddles and having that special someone to talk to, so the chances are that you already talk on Skype or FaceTime to keep the lines of communication open. But what if you are both missing the sex? Well, the answer is in front of you…use your laptop to take ‘chatting’ on Skype to the next level. Why not try having sex on Skype? Not only is it exciting, it’s a case of using technology to your advantage for a change.

I understand that you might feel a little shy about having sex on Skype, but once you get into the idea, trust me, it’s better than any porn movie you might watch! After all, it’s the one you love who is doing the sex show on Skype for you and not some random stranger. It’s someone you trust in every aspect of your lives together, so please believe me when I say there is nothing wrong or perverted about it.

So if the idea of having sex on Skype is one which you both want to try…carry on regardless. And here are a few hints and tips to get you started:

  • For starters: choose a time when you can be private and have no interruptions. Don’t jump straight into the sex; have a prelude as you would do in real life. But be naughty with it! When you are having sex on Skype, it’s important to be unabashed about what you are saying. Take the opportunity to say some things you might not have the courage to do in the flesh, and be as naughty as you like.
  • Talk to each other as you would in the bedroom, removing one item of clothing at a time. Don’t rush to get everything off; take your time. Tell him how hot you are and how you ‘need’ to take another item off; he will be getting more and more excited as you do.
  • Make sure your chairs are comfortable and in camera shot; there’s nothing worse than only seeing half of the action. Don’t be in a rush to get to the main event. One of the points of having sex on Skype is to make it last and make it exciting.
  • Once you are both naked and masturbating, make sure the other one can see everything. There’s nothing worse than seeing half an arm when you want to know exactly what the other one is doing.
  • If you want to take it to another level above just masturbating on Skype, you can each get sex toys that are connected via Bluetooth to an app. These smart vibrators with an app are awesome for long distance relationships because you can control exactly what your partner is feeling thousands of miles away. You can control the vibrations of these app-enabled vibrators by choosing one of the standard vibration modes, creating your own vibrations with the app, or even make the vibrator follow the beat of the music you are listening to. These vibrators that use apps are available for clitoral vibrators, G-spot vibrators, perineum vibrators, kegel balls, and anal vibrators. So, you can choose which app vibrators work best for your relationship. Read more about our app controlled vibrators.
  • When you have both ‘reached the finish line,’ spend time talking. This would be the time to have your post-intercourse cuddle in real life, so make sure you tell him how much you love and miss him. Have a wrap close at hand so you can cover yourself if you are now embarrassed or getting a little chilly. Blow him a kiss before you turn off the webcam, and tell him again how much you miss him. Sex on Skype or FaceTime can be almost as exciting as the real thing, so try and throw your inhibitions out the window, and simply enjoy.