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Soak Up Some Vitamin D and Have Outdoor Sex

outdoor sex

Vitamin D is actually a hormone and not a vitamin in the true sense of the word, but we have known for years about the health benefits it can bring to our lives. So why not add the bonus of some wild and horny outdoor sex to an average sun-bathing session? It sure as hell beats reading the latest chick lit book. 

As your body doesn’t have the ability to create vitamin D by itself, it is essential that you get even a couple of hours a week soaking up the sun’s rays. So, having outdoor sex is the perfect excuse to get fresh at the same time as you are getting some fresh air! But all joking apart, sex can become monotonous when you have been in a relationship for some amount of time. One of the best ways of breaking, or changing that monotony, is to get it on in different places. Anywhere, in fact, rather than the bedroom. Outdoors is just one of the different locations you can choose for some out of the ordinary love-making.

And to be truthful, as long as you take it out of the bedroom, it really is not significant if you only make it as far as the couch in the lounge. The fact that you are trying something different is the point. 

Many of us to have access to some outdoor space of our own even if it’s only the back yard, but this can be utilized in a fabulous way as long as you are not overlooked. (We have no wish to get anyone arrested for indecent exposure, although some of the neighbors might have kinda enjoyed the show!)

On a lovely summer day, plan a barbecue for when he gets home from work, and have it ready to go. If you have the nerve, wear only an apron, (to protect your bits from becoming sizzled!) and cook the meal in the nude. Most men cannot resist a huge hunk of well-cooked steak and an ice-cold beer, and if you offer yourself as dessert, what’s not to like? You can virtually guarantee that outdoor sex has never been as much fun for your guy!