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Spice up Foreplay: Add Food to the Bedroom

Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, as is sex. Add the two together and you have the recipe, (pardon the pun!) for a truly great sexual adventure. Most men would agree that the sight of food on a naked woman is enough to perk up the senses! So you may well be asking which kinds of food or drink are suitable to place on your woman. Read below for some of my favorites:

  • Ice: This can be used in different ways depending on the effect you wish to create. Try freezing a banana for an hour or so and then using it as a makeshift dildo; naughty but oh so nice! Or you can always suck an ice cube before going down on her. The combination of the cold against her skin and then the heat of your breath will be more than enough to tip her over the edge. You can always alternate temperatures as well; after sucking an ice cube, try having a cup of hot tea or coffee on the bedside cabinet and surprising her with a hot tongue straight after the cold.
  • Fruit: Fruit on a woman is almost always hot. Prepare your fruit beforehand into bite-sized pieces and trail them across her body before licking up the sticky residue which gets left behind. Kiwi, strawberries and peaches all work well for this.
  • Champagne: Sharing a champagne kiss is always good. It’s also an extremely erotic sensation if you perform oral on her when you have the bubbles in your mouth. They will pop against her clitoris and give her the opportunity to try alcohol in a completely different way!
  • Chocolate: What woman doesn’t like chocolate? It’s a supremely sensual foodstuff to have poured or trickled over your body but I wouldn’t recommend melting ordinary chocolate for this one. Get some purpose made chocolate body paint as you will be able to lick it off your woman’s body before it sets into a hard mess. Also be careful where you spread it as matted pubic hair is never a very good look!
  • Cream: A moment on the lips; a lifetime on the hips, so they say. This is a fabulous way for your woman to be able to enjoy cream without it making her put weight on. Trickle or spread cream on your lover’s body and then lick it up with your tongue. Try a little on her clitoris before giving her oral sex; it feels delicious!
  • Get your five a day! Don’t underestimate how sexy a carrot can feel when used as a sex toy! It’s cheap; it’s readily available and it can ring the changes when you are looking for something a little different to take the boredom out of your sex life.

Placing food on a woman’s body can be a feast for the eyes as well as the palate; why not try something different today.

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