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Start Your Day Off Right with Morning Sex

morning sex

We all know that feeling when you just cannot get off to a good start to the day, don’t we? There’s just something that tells you the day is not going to be good, and you get that feeling that you just shouldn’t bother even getting out of bed. So how do you combat the morning blues? By having morning sex, that’s how!

There is no better way to get your day off to a good start than with some morning sex; it invigorates you, makes you feel alive, and let’s face it, a morning, sleepy orgasm is one of the better ways of waking up! The main hormone produced when women orgasm is called oxytocin. This hormone is sometimes known as the ‘cuddle hormone’ and it is this which makes us feel even closer to the person we have just made love with. It strengthens our bond with them and increases our empathy, lowering our defences.

So now we know the scientific reason why morning sex feels so good, how do we go about getting more of it? There are not many men who would refuse a bout of morning sex, but what if they are busy and in a rush? A quickie could well be the answer. If you are lying in bed while he is getting ready for work, mentally and physically prepare yourself for some morning sex by masturbating under the covers. That way you do not need to worry about the time factor and being ‘ready’ for him.

Tell him what you are doing. Most men find it really horny to think, (and maybe watch!) their partner masturbating and getting themselves wet and ready for their benefit. He definitely will not be able to resist you when you tell him what you are doing. And what does it matter if he already has his suit on for work? I am certain that he won’t mind you removing it again when he knows he is about to get some morning sex!

There is something about their partner being in charge that men just cannot resist. Tell him what you want and need, using as explicit terms as you feel comfortable with. Drag him by the tie to the side of the bed and push him backwards onto it. Straddle him and tell him he has to lie still while you do what you want to him. He will already be straining at the leash, believe me!

Scoop your breasts into your hands and show him what he is about to enjoy. Continue masturbating, keeping your genitals just out of his reach, and then unzip his pants. Leave them around his ankles, because the feeling that he cannot move or resist will only add to the excitement of morning sex. Hold his erection just at your entrance and tease yourself with it by rubbing it across your clitoris. Plunge down onto him and if you have timed yourself correctly, you should just about orgasm at the same time.

Here’s to morning sex ladies, and lots more of it!