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Submissive Styles for Valentine’s Day Lovers

valentines day sex
With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, most couples are looking into setting up a special surprise for their significant other, while others who are single are on the lookout for a great hookup. Despite what relationship position you might find yourself in at the moment, everyone wants to be loved, and feel loved on this very special day of the year. It is a day for lover’s, without a doubt. With this in mind, there are some great submissive styles that some Valentine’s Day lovers might want to consider to ignite that steamy passion.

Perhaps you’re after one of those rock-my-world, bed rattling experiences for Valentine’s Day, or maybe you prefer something much softer and far more sensual than this. No matter the lovemaking session that you both might be after, there are some ideas here that just might inspire you and tweak your interest. If you want to reach your peak every time you make love, then that is fine. However, if you want that divine interaction that is soul-shattering, then try one of these love scenes out to make this Valentine’s Day much more meaningful.

Water Sex Positions
If you prefer a secluded place for a wonderful rendezvous with your lover this Valentine’s Day, then there are always some nice rentals available in discreet getaways, almost in every state. Those with Jacuzzi’s or private pools can be a highlight for a couple who might be interested in making love in the water.

One of these positions requires using a float device that you can rest on, you being the female partner involved. Your male partner stands in the water in behind you, and holds each leg in his hands, while he takes you from behind. The movement of the water with each stroke is what so many find make this an exotic yet wanton adventure.

Side Sex Positions
Of course, this is one of those more common positions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it wild and wonderful. If you allow your partner to hold one of your legs higher in the air and farther apart, this allows for deeper penetration which can have you reaching a multiple orgasmic experience with ease. Now, if you half doggy this, and also position yourself into a spooning meeting, then the experience can be extremely satisfying for you both, not to mention passing the bar of intimacy. This position allows for G-spot stimulation as well, so you can experience every sensory sensation that you both are dying for!

The Linguini Position
Not many people have heard of this position, and only those couples who are comfortable with their sexual prowess and intimacy with one another are willing to explore it, so why not make this Valentine’s the perfect opportunity to try this one out. Now, this allows your lover to have the ease of constantly teasing and manipulating your G-spot, while he can also cradle your body against his for that closeness many women love.

You can imagine your lover paying careful consideration to every secret erogenous spot you have. This is one of the most favored and romantic of lover’s positions as it is up close and personal. You can enjoy one another as long as you so desire to. In finality, you can both rest comfortably in anticipating the best Valentine’s Day ever.

These few positions which have been mentioned are enough to get two amorous couples passionately intertwined. From these, you can gain confidence and feel free to become more submissive/dominant in any way you might deem perfect for pleasure.