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The Benefits of Using Ben-Wa Balls

"I am going to put these inside you, and then I'm going to spank you, not for punishment, but for your pleasure and mine." - Christian Grey

By now, the Fifty Shades books and movies have brought the subject matter of bondage out into the mainstream. Many online sex stores have had a huge rise in sales for certain ‘toys’ mentioned in the books, including the now infamous, Ben-Wa balls.

So for the benefit of those of you who have not read the book, what exactly are Ben-Wa balls? you might well ask. They are two spheres, sometimes attached to each other with a cord, which are inserted into the vagina. The idea is that using Ben-Wa balls will tone and pleasure your body in unison as they wriggle and jiggle inside you. These can also be referred to as Kegel exercisers.

Because Ben-Wa balls are weighted, your internal muscles have to work hard to keep them in place and you will find that prolonged use can strengthen your Pubococcygeus muscles (otherwise known as PC, or pelvic floor.) This means that your vagina will become tighter due to the exercise you will be able to control your muscles in such a way that they will give your partner increased sensations while they are inside you. The added bonus of using Ben-Wa balls is that they also massage your G-spot, giving you the chance to experience a squirting (ejaculatory) orgasm.

Ben-Wa balls can be used as a prelude to foreplay, but many women first begin to experiment with them when they are on their own. The size and shape of them lend them to being easy to use and comfortable to wear, and they also serve to accentuate both your sexual pleasure and your sexual health. One of the best ways of getting used to them is to buy them as a surprise for your partner and begin practicing their use without his knowledge.

A friend of mine bought some Ben-Wa balls, inserted them and then thought she would go to the supermarket for her weekly shop while they were still inside her. She didn’t get as far as the shop before having her first orgasm! Her car was a manual and the repeated leg action necessary to change gear meant that the Ben-Wa balls were rolling around inside her every time she changed gear! Squirming around on the driver’s seat while sitting at traffic lights, she actually came and didn’t know whether she could continue her journey! But undeterred, she carried on, thinking ‘that was that.’ How mistaken was she?!

By the time her husband got home from work, she literally dragged him to the bedroom and made him take her there and then. The poor guy didn’t know what had hit him, but he did know that he liked it!

So the moral of this story is, get yourself some Kegel exercisers, practice and just wait and see how they feel; not only will you be glad you did, but so will your partner!