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The Joys of Sex

the joys of sex

Men and women view sex in totally different ways, something that is a little more than obvious. Now, coming from a female perspective here, that isn’t to say that men don’t love us immensely when they actually make love to us, though sometimes we might be left to wonder? However, there are different breeds of men. There are those who are totally hard core lovin’, meaning they are the “hard and hot” lovers, the kind that many women dream about.

There is your romantic type, the kind that attempts to make everything better in one fluid motion. Then we come to the more complex and hard to understand type; the one that is decent but just a little lost when it comes to understanding how we feel. I think any woman can relate to the latter mentioned. Now, even with an open invitation to make love, some men in this category still don’t get it. The joys of sex can seem a little too complex at times, at least it appears that way for some men!

Most couples, when asked about the Joys of Sex will tell you: Sex is hot, it is sweaty, steamy, enticing, devouring, and definitely intriguing. I personally have to say that it just feels damn good doesn’t it? However, there is so much more here than just sex ladies. We want our men to understand the Joys of sex in a way to where they will feel connected with us right? You don’t want to just let him go at you any time he feels like it. No, you want to feel the joy with that, the undying love in the air! The Joys of sex are definitely many, but you won’t have them if you don’t express how you feel to your significant other, that is a certainty.

The Perception on the New Joys of Sex

If we take a comparison on how the Joys of Sex have changed since the 70’s, compared to today, it is unbelievable really. Women and men alike can wash themselves in the glow of sex without ties or inconveniences. Through the usage of webcams such as Skype technology, video chatting, forums, and other convenient means, people are able to enjoy the thrill of fucking one another without ever even meeting. For instance, you can get it on over Skype, a video chat option that is growing bigger every day. You can even buy vibrators with apps that connect you to your lover, even if you are a far distance apart. If you want to hook up with someone, you simply can go to a site where free sex is readily available. Now, many liberal individuals consider this the new Joys of Sex!

While this might not be the ideal way of getting it on for everyone, the point is the opportunities to revel in pure sensual enjoyment are clearly there, even among strangers. It is far easier to hook up today than it ever was in the past. Still, are the emotions that are being shared as sensual and moving as they were in the 70’s? For couples who are committed to one another the answer would be yes. For those who are just passing body fluids with no reason to stay together, the answer might be a no.

The availability, and ease, of buying sex toys is also something that has changed, especially in the last few years with the growth of the internet. It’s easy to search for the perfect vibrator online, and have it shipped discreetly to your home. This makes it easier for you and your partner to research the exact kind of sex toys you are looking for together.

A Couples’ View on the Joys of Sex

Those who are looking for more passion and surrender have to lure their partners into something that is hot and clearly erotic. There has never been a time where it hasn’t been possible to get a man to do something in the bedroom that was more adventurous, and called for more foreplay. In fact, your guy will probably love to indulge you in new and interesting moves , especially if he is allowed to have his hands exploring all over you. If you really are going to revel in the joys of sex, then you might have to start being more open with your partner too; which means communicating more with him.

The joys of sex are many, and with every couple they have their own way of sharing in passion. Yours can be anything you want it to be, just use your imagination and be ultimately creative, yet captivating at the same time. This ball game is truly in a woman’s hands, though many don’t seem to understand exactly how much so. The only thing you have to do is enjoy yourself with your partner, and relish the sensation.

That is definitely what I think the Joy of sex is really all about, loving and being loved!