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The Most Sensual Kiss of All: I Love it when He Kisses my Neck

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There are few things which can make a woman melt in quite the way she will when he kisses her neck. There is something so inherently sensual about that action that few women would be able to resist. Men, you need to take note here! If you want make sure that your partner will be in the mood for some hot lovin’, then start off by kissing her neck.

There’s a reason why the recent vampire movies and books have been so popular: vampires are sooo sexy! All that kissing, sucking and biting of necks is so hot! Most women in that position would not be fighting a vampire off, believe me! Close your eyes and imagine just how sexy it would be to be having a hot guy kissing down from your earlobe to that oh so sensitive part where your neck meets your shoulder.

He moves one hand to cup your breast and then the neck kissing becomes a little more urgent with his lips gently sucking at the same time as his thumb flicks over your nipple. Feel yourself getting wet yet? He now wraps one arm around you to grab your butt and pull your crotch in close to his and now is kissing your neck gently again. You feel saddened that the sucking has stopped; you can feel his excitement pushing against you and yet the sexual side of the neck kissing has calmed down.

Your brain is confused: you know he wants you, and yet now is being gentle, rather than sexual, with his neck kissing. Your senses are reeling; what does he want from you? Now the neck kissing becomes extremely sexual again when he begins to gently nibble your neck with his teeth, one hand squeezing your butt while the other roams inside your bra. Are you beginning to see why vampires are so goddamn sexy? When it gets to this stage of kissing your neck, the chances are that all you want is for him to take you and bury his hardness deep inside.

There is a huge amount of satisfaction to be gained every time he kisses your neck. Whether those kisses are gentle, and almost like the wings of a butterfly grazing your neck, or downright sexual, they are almost guaranteed to get you in the mood. If your guy doesn’t take full advantage of this kind of foreplay, then you will need to ‘train’ him. The next time you are kissing, move your mouth away from him and turn your head slightly to the side. Encourage him to begin kissing your neck by gently pulling on the back of his head. Make sure your hair is not in the way because the last thing you want is for him to end up coughing like he has a furball!

When he realizes what can be gained from some sensual neck kissing, he will be into it as much as you are.