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Tips for Reading Female Body Language

female body language

Okay guys, we admit it; we can be difficult to read! I know you probably all think that we do certain things deliberately with the sole intention of confusing you, but the truth is that a lot of the time we don’t even realize we are doing it. So wouldn’t you like some kind of guide which will give you hints and tips on how to read some of the more complicated aspects of female body language? I bet you would! Now read on…

What does it mean when she…?

  • Keeps gazing back towards you before turning away? Well, either you have an unnoticed booger, or she is definitely interested! If she repeatedly makes eye contact from the other side of the room, accompanying that gaze with a smile, then it’s a sure female body language sign that you are okay to go over and introduce yourself.
  • Raises her eyebrows, has exaggerated blinking and dilated pupils, then she is animated and interested in what you have to say. Raised eyebrows indicate that she is agreeing with what you have to say; lots of blinking or fluttering of eyelashes is another sure sign that she’s flirting, even if this does sound clichéd. The truth is that a woman will blink faster when she is interested, even if her words are saying something else. Dilated pupils, well we all know about them, don’t we? It may just be slightly more difficult for you to read if you are in a dark setting as the lack of light will cause her pupils to naturally dilate to let more light in. These are probably all female body language signs you are familiar with.
  • One female body language sign which may not be so easy to read is the position of her arms. Beware of she is sitting with her arms crossed or folded, even if she appears to be interested in what you’re saying. This is a classic ‘closing-down’ signal and she really is not interested. Conversely, if she leans her head on one of her hands, leaning in towards you at the same time, this is a subtle sign that she is trying to place her body closer to yours.
  • How does she touch her hair? Women are very tactile with their hair and this is usually quite an easy female body language sign to read. If she slowly runs her fingers through her hair, or twirls a strand around her finger then she’s interested. However, if her movements are more fast and jerky, she is trying to look for a way out. This is especially true if accompanied with wandering eyes.
  • Is she breaching your personal zone? Everyone has a mental ‘bubble’ around themselves of about eighteen inches and it is only when we feel very comfortable with someone that we step into that private area. So watch out if she is leaning in closer, maybe touching your arm to make a point or happens to ‘accidentally’ brush against you. These are sure-fire body language signs that she is desperate to get closer to you in every way!

I hope this has now given you some idea of what we women are really all about…but I can’t tell you too much; it would ruin the chase!