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Virtual Reality Sex Toys

Virtual reality, or VR, is a growing technology category that has recently expanded into the sex toy world. Virtual reality creates an immersive world for the user that is a great fit for the adult entertainment sector. Virtual reality sex toys create a pleasurable experience for users where their actions are mimicked on the screen.

Some of the virtual reality toys we like come from the Sensemax VR sex toys line. Their SenseTube Virtual Reality Masturbation Stroker and Virtual Senseband Virtual Reality Interactive Wristband combine with the Sense Virtual Reality Interactive Sex Headset to create an immersive sex experience. You can also use the stroker and wristband with just the cell phone app, or your computer screen.VR sex toys connect with an app and virtual adult videos that change what is seen on the screen based on your motions. So, if you are using a VR stroker, what you see on the screen will move just like your hand motions. If you use a virtual reality sex headset, you can see the action in 360 degrees. If you want a more portable option, you can use the virtual reality wristband, which also senses your movements. You are in control of your virtual lover, and your hand movement controls what you see on the screen.

Other App Connected Sex Toys

Other high tech options in the sex toy sector are app-connected vibrators. These vibrators help connect you to your lover from around the world. While your partner is traveling, he or she can help you orgasm by using the app and controlling the vibrations, as if he or she was there with you. Connecting via Bluetooth, wifi, or your cell phone data, you and your lover can enjoy a sex session even while you are miles apart. Read our other blog post about these app connected vibrators to learn even more.