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What Can You Expect at a Swingers Club

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If you have decided to pay a visit to a Swingers Club for the first time, then understandably you might well feel quite apprehensive about it. You may not know what to expect, what you’re going to see and what kind of people are going to be there. So in order to put your mind at rest, here’s an idea of some of the things you can expect when you visit a Swinging Club.

Unfortunately, some people have pre-conceived ideas about what they are going to see at a swinging club, but very often the reality is quite different. They are in general very well-organized affairs and they do not have people having sex in front of you the minute you walk through the door! Most well-run swinging clubs have separate rooms where the hard-core play goes on. They also have someone who is ‘in charge,’ (in BDSM clubs these are often called the ‘dungeon-master or DM for short). It is their responsibility to ensure that everyone keeps in line with the swinging club rules and that no-one gets out of line with their behavior.

The person who has organized the evening should make you aware of the rules of the club. In general, the most important, (and inviolable) rule is that ‘no means no.’ Under no circumstances should you ignore this rule because it will result in getting you thrown out of the swinging club, and that presumably is something which you don’t want to happen. You should also be aware that you will be expected to treat others there with respect and courtesy, no matter how they are dressed or behaving. In other words, don’t freak out if you see a guy dressed as a baby wearing a diaper; if that’s his thing, then who are you to ridicule it? We all have our own little sexual foibles and a swinging club is generally the one place in which we can be ourselves without fear of ridicule.

Another thing which you may see at some sex clubs is a torture room or ‘dungeon.’ This will be a room where there are various implements set up to restrain or punish people. You should be extremely respectful of anyone who is using the equipment in this room and never touch anything which they are using without permission. For example, if they have a whip, do not pick it up to see how heavy it is. Most people at swinging clubs will be happy to explain things to you but only after they have finished their ‘scene.’ So if you want to watch, do so at a respectful distance and when they are finished enquire politely whether it is okay to ask questions.

Before heading to the club, it would be a good idea to discuss your expectations and desires with your partner. Think through various situations and discuss what you want out of the night. You may also decide to just watch the first night and not participate in any action with other couples at the club. Then, you can go home and have amazing sex because you will be incredibly turned on by what you saw at the club. I would also urge you both to have a ‘get out’ word agreed between the two of you so that if either of you feels that enough is enough, and you want to leave, then the other will respect the use of the ‘get out’ word and follow you to the exit. All in all, expect the unexpected at a swinging club, respect everyone, enjoy yourself and be polite. Do all this and you won’t go far wrong.

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