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What Is It That Makes Older Women Sexy?


Without a doubt, virtually every teenage guy out there would have dreamed about having a sexy encounter with an older woman. They would all like to lose their virginity to this knowledgeable, experienced cougar, and would love to get the chance to do so in real life. But does this still follow on as you get older? Do younger guys still want to get with an older woman when they are maybe in their thirties themselves?

The short answer to that is, yes, they do! And I speak from personal experience here, as my husband is actually 12 years younger than me. I met him when he was 32 and I was 44 and we have been together ever since. So what has made this relationship so successful? Basically because he was one of those teenage guys who had always dreamed about getting together with a sexy older woman and along I came and fulfilled all of his erotic fantasies!

Not that I took his virginity, you understand, (I wish!) but I was able to teach him a few tricks that he hadn’t come across before. He was used to being with younger girls who would do anything to keep him happy sexually. Younger girls, (as far as he was concerned,) were there for his pleasure, and not their own. As women get older, they realize that unless they are upfront in speaking about what pleases them sexually, then they are very unlikely to ever be able to be satisfied. After all, my mantra had always been, ‘get ‘em young and teach ‘em!’

Younger guys can have the tendency to satisfy themselves first, and okay, while it is a bonus that they can usually go again, I don’t always want that. I would rather have a banquet of wonderful, satisfying and stimulating sex than several small ‘snacks!’ My husband grew up with fantasies of having sex with older women such as the likes of Debbie Harry, Sharon Stone and Kim Basinger.

When I asked him what was so sexy about an older woman, he told me that it most definitely had to do with experience. While every young guy out there thinks they know everything about satisfying a woman sexually, some have the courage to admit to the fact that to be taught sexual tricks by an older woman, things which they hadn’t tried before, was very alluring. For example, some guys would like to try anal but wouldn’t have the courage to ask a younger woman if she would try it out.

And what’s the benefit for an older woman in having sex with a younger guy? To a lot of women, it is the fact that in general a younger guy does have the ability to go more than once. When a woman reaches menopause and no longer needs to worry about birth control or periods, she will very often find a lot more enjoyment in sex than she did when she was younger. She can relax and luxuriate in the fact that she now needs to worry about no-one else and can literally please herself, having sex when and where she wants it. Now that’s sexual liberation and if a younger guy fits an older woman’s slot, (pardon the pun!) then who's to argue?