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What is the Difference Between Fetish and Fantasy?

what is the difference between a fetish and a fantasy

Some people get confused by the difference between fetish and fantasy. A true fetish is one where you are unable to orgasm without experiencing or thinking about, your fetish. It is also usually something which would be considered to be something different from the typical things that "everyone" gets off on. This can be something that you can get turned on by regardless of your partner.

A fantasy is anything that can help enhance your sex life. This can be adding some food to the bedroom, or having your partner wear a costume to role play. And, unlike a true fetish, these fantasies often change as time goes on, and can be based on the partners we have. Playing out sexual fantasies can definitely spice things up in the bedroom, so talk to your partner about your desires and have some fun together!

Wearing something sexy for your partner is a common fantasy or fetish. Fetish clothing for women can take many forms and probably the most popular would be wet look fetish clothing, like latex, rubber, PVC or leather clothing. PVC is a particular favorite, possibly due to the smell and skin-tight texture of the material. Many find this kind of fetish clothing extremely appealing and it could be that you could both get a lot from the wearing of it.

If you do have a fetish about being in control and would like to experiment with a BDSM kind of lifestyle, starting off by wearing some vinyl or leather lingerie with your partner can be a great way of dipping your toe into the water. It can be quite appealing to be ordered about sexually by a strong woman wearing fetish clothing and so you could both get a lot from this.

Or, you can reverse the role and get a leash and collar to have your partner lead you around as his sex slave. Nipple clamps and ball gags are sometimes things that appeal to both men and women.

As we always suggest, just discuss your fetish or fantasy with your partner and see what he or she thinks about it. Having an open dialogue with your partner about what you want can often lead to even hotter sex and help fulfill all your fantasies.

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