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Why a Kiss in the Rain is so Passionate

kissing in the rain

There is something so sexual and almost primeval about getting wet together, isn’t there? To just stand outside in the rain, hugging and being close to your partner is definitely a joy; but to luxuriate in the sensations of a kiss in the rain, with your clothes sticking to you is something else indeed.

When everyone else is scurrying to get indoors and away from the awful weather, why not take the opportunity to get close to your man? Allow the rain to soak you through until your clothes are literally sticking to your body. Appreciate the feel of your man in your arms and how his chest feels pressed against yours. Can you feel your nipples sticking through the material of your shirt yet? I bet that he can.

Now tip your head backward, look deep into his eyes and lick your lips. He will not be able to resist this chance of getting you wet in more ways than one. My guess is that this kiss in the rain will not be the last one you enjoy. It is such a passionate thing to do. Concentrate on the feel of his tongue inside your mouth and gently suck on it. This is guaranteed to send shivers through him as he imagines you sucking elsewhere.

Allow your hands to roam across his back and down to his butt as you kiss in the rain; press your breasts against him and pull him in even closer, concentrating on every inch of him pressing against your wet body, and imagine if you will that you are both naked. Does it matter if people are looking at you? I think not. They will just be wishing that they had someone to kiss in the rain too.

A man adores a woman who isn’t afraid of getting her hair wet and who just enjoys being with him, no matter what the weather is doing. Men are very visual creatures, getting turned on easily by someone who is comfortable and confident in her own skin, and this is why you should really embrace every chance you get to give him a visual treat. He will easily be able to imagine that you are both in the shower making out, instead of kissing in the rain and will be thinking about you being wet both inside and out.

By now you should be feeling as if you two are the only people in the world who matter and you ought to revel in this sensation of raw lust. Imagine getting indoors and peeling all your wet clothes off of each other. Think about your panties being soaking wet as he pulls them down your legs, and how they stick to you. Try and convey this message to him without using any words as you kiss in the rain, gently grinding your hips against his.

My guess is that by now he will be imagining getting you even wetter than you already are, and will be thinking about running his tongue up the inside of your thigh, licking away the rainwater and replacing it with his own moisture. When he gets to your most intimate place, think about how wet you will be feeling in every which way. Kissing in the rain is so intimate that you will not be able to resist this imagery, and neither will he.

At the end of the day, few things can compare to spending some quality time with your man, and one of my most favorite times is when we can take a long walk in the country without caring about what the weather is going to be like. It doesn’t matter if it pours down, because we can then get down to some serious kissing in the rain and luxuriate in one of my favorite sensations. What’s one of your favorite times with your man?