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Why Make-Up Sex is a Must-Have

makeup sex

So you’ve had an argument and you’re mad as hell? The chances are that he will have forgotten about it long before you do and that he will swiftly be ready for some ‘make-up’ sex, but very probably you are thinking, ‘Why the hell would I want to have sex with you?’

The truth is that women do hold onto anger a lot longer than men do and while he is probably thinking you look cute as hell when you are mad, you are thinking ‘why the hell did I ever fall for this moron?’ And that is the reason that you should have make-up sex. Make-up sex is a celebration of the fact that you love each other, no matter what’s happened, or how bad things may get; you love each other, period.

Are you really prepared to throw it all away over some silly argument that he left the top off the toothpaste? (Yes, I know that it’s again, and after you’ve asked him not to all those times,) but hey, men have a short attention span. What more can I say? Learn to accept the fact that no-one is perfect, (are you?) and move on. And the chances are that he will be so needy of sex by then (and so desperate to make things up to you) that you are almost guaranteed the time of your life. So give in gracefully, accept his sorry, and go for some wild and abandoned make-up sex.

Get aroused by your anger. Some couples would even consider an argument to be a form of foreplay. And when passions are aroused, that is when you can push the boundaries with your make-up sex if you so desire. Maybe you have always wanted to spank his ass when he has been getting on your nerves? Well now could be the time to go for it.

And if you think about it, anger can mimic the subtle signs given out when you are actually making love. For example, when you are angry, your chest tends to flush as it does during love-making, and also your nipples can become erect when you have adrenaline coursing through your system. So turn that anger into action and really get into the whole abandoned mind-set of wanton lust. Think for a moment about how you felt the first time you made love; how turned on you were, and how desperate you were to have him inside you.

Make-up sex can be equally as, (if not more so,) exciting than that. Having make-up sex can also be almost a bridge between the anger you are feeling, and the loving you so desperately want to feel and it is at that stage that you need to let the anger go and the love come back.

And the last big benefit of make-up sex is that it gives him a gentle reminder of what he could be losing forever unless he thinks about changing his ways.