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Why Showering Together Is Intimate

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If you’re bold and sure of yourself then showering together can be one of the most alluring and even extravagant activities between a couple.  You might wonder what you can really gain from an experience such as this and the answer is fairly personal.  Every couple gains something specifically just for them; but, what can definitely be said for a fact is that the intimacy that will grow between the two of you will astound you.  

When you bare everything to your lover, bending to please them, your relationship does flourish.  You could view showering together as one of those spicier activities that bond you to each other.  Most definitely it is all in how each couple wants to perceive it but it is something to relish between one another.  It is also something that can ignite your senses in a way that leads you to want to explore even more about your sexual relationship.  

There is something erotic about it, something totally hot.  Water and sex simply do go together, but you can get so much more out of showering together than just steamy, saucy sex.  It is a fact; your intimacy is higher in a situation like this than in an actual bed.  Just ask anyone!  If you have not experienced it as yet, then you simply must read about what you can possibly expect!  

What Showering Together Gives to the Couple

Many couples view showering together as more of a sexual teaser than any romantic escape; but, at the same time this can teach a woman how to feel more comfortable about being naked around her lover as well.  No matter how long a couple might have been together, some women hold on to that nagging fear of what their partner will think if they see them wholly in the nude, and in the daylight!  It is certainly a fear that needs to be vanquished, and showering together just might make that possible for some women.  Why?

Showering together allows a couple to immerse themselves in the emotions that they are feeling, appreciating one another for who they are and what is there right before them.  It is raw and natural, allowing for the love making to move beyond just superficial, at least in most women’s minds anyway…  One thing that many women don’t understand is that when you’re in that moment, in that shower totally nude with your man, he isn’t thinking about checking you for any flaws at all but rather, he is enjoying the special one on one time you’re lavishing in.

For many of us women we are too obsessed with our nakedness; rather, we need to just let loose and be ourselves unclothed.  You can have fun showering together, and you can definitely have hot sex there, or in the bedroom afterwards.  For some, oral sex is the highlight of showering together.  For other couples, this is simply the perfect location for foreplay and intimate vocalization.  All in all, there is something about the water trickling above you and the feel of naked skin moving against you that simply puts you in the mood right away.  It is more than arousing if you allow it to be.  Guys do find this extremely stimulating, and once again, they aren’t seeing anything negative about this at all either.  

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