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Why the Naughty School Girl Look Drives Him Crazy

We all have something of the naughty schoolgirl lurking within us somewhere; sometimes all it takes is a sexy partner to bring it out of us! And let’s be honest here girls, most men find the idea of making out with a naughty, sexy schoolgirl one of their naughtiest fantasies. Of course, we are not for one minute suggesting anything untoward; we all understand that we are talking about consenting adults and role play, and not something sordid.

Dressing up in the bedroom is a great way to help add some extra excitement to a long term relationship. We want to keep things fresh and exciting when we are in a relationship with someone for many years. It helps keep things new and keeps you wanting each other the way you did when you first started dating.

This look is also a common theme for Swingers' club nights, so getting a few different schoolgirl outfits will keep you looking fresh at these theme night events.

One of the best things about playing out this kind of fantasy is that there are so many options for this look. Maybe you even have a little plaid skirt from your private school days packed away. Or, choose one of our naughty schoolgirl outfits. And if you happen to have a nice pair of black or white knee-high stockings and some killer sexy heels, your naughty schoolgirl look is almost complete!

Next, it’s time to have an experiment with your hair. If it is long enough, try putting it into bunches which are high up above your ears. Tie some ribbon around them, and use some eyeliner for a sexy sprinkle of freckles over your nose and naughty schoolgirl, here we come!

Be ready for him when he gets in from work and surprise him by being demure and acting younger than you actually are. Tell him that you have been a naughty schoolgirl and you are willing to take your punishment. Be prepared that his ‘punishment’ might well involve some spanking and you could well be in for a really horny night of fun.

If you have the nerve, try wearing your naughty schoolgirl outfit underneath a big coat the next time you meet him from work. No-one else needs to know what you have on under the coat. Wait until you are in a public place and lean in and whisper in his ear that he is about to go home with a naughty schoolgirl and just wait for his reaction! He will never have wanted the journey home to pass more quickly.

We all need sometimes to try and inject a touch of excitement into what may have become a rather mundane sex life, and being a naughty schoolgirl for a day is almost guaranteed to do just that. Continue to surprise him in this way and he will never know just who he is going to be met by when he comes home from work! We say that naughty schoolgirls rule!

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