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Mini Luna Beads women color pink and blueNakees

Mini Luna Beads

$74.99 LL1692

pink and blue

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  • Use these comfortable beads that are a modern progression of Ben Wa balls.
  • Smaller version of the classic Luna Beads suggested for use by women under 30 or who have never experienced childbirth.
  • If you have had a vaginal birth, we recommend using the Luna Beads classic size.
  • Four beads are included to be used in different combinations.
  • Start with just one and add a second bead as you become more comfortable.
  • Beads are 25mm and the lighter pink beads are 28g, while the heavier blue beads are 37g.
  • Manufactured to the highest LELO standards and made of body safe silicone that is FDA approved.