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Affiliate Program

Nakees Affiliate Program

Get paid 10% commission on every order you refer to Nakees!


How does it work?

The program is very simple.  You will sign up to be an affiliate through our secure affiliate partner. You will then be able to use your custom URLs right away to promote Your custom URLs will link back to your account, and you will get paid a commission directly to your PayPal account on every order placed by someone who clicked on your link. We use a standard cookie duration of 30 days, so any customer that clicks on your link and buys from Nakees sometime in the next 30 days will get credited to you.

Why choose the Nakees affiliate program?

At Nakees, we sell a variety of sex toys, lingerie, club wear, and fetish products. Visitors to Nakees will find some of the best selling vibrators, anal toys, spanking paddles, bondage and BDSM gear, sexy lingerie, sexy costumes, and club dresses to wear to a Swingers or sex party. We select our products carefully to only provide quality items. Each week new products are being added, so your referred customers will always find something new and exciting at Nakees. We pride ourselves on offering exemplary customer service. With Nakees, you know that any customers you refer to Nakees will get incredible products, fast and discreet shipping (free to US customers), and impeccable customer service.

How and when do I get paid?

You will get paid at the end of each month via Paypal once you have a minimum of $10 accumulated. You will set this all up in your personalized affiliate network panel.

I want a banner to place on my website. Do you have something we can use?

Sure! Just contact us and let us know the banner size you want in pixels, as well as if you want a general Nakees banner, or you want it to feature a specific category - sex toys, bondage gear, vibrators, club wear, etc. You can even let us know  the custom wording you would like that you think would draw your specific readers in. We will then get you your banner within about a week. 


Let us know if you have any questions, and we'd be happy to help:


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