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Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3 Vibrator

$46.99 SAT1029

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  • The creators of Satisfyer's Partner Multifun 3 Vibe have imagined at 32 pleasure possibilities (they're illustrated on the back of the packaging and in an included leaflet), but thanks to a rotating head, there's even more orgasm potential for this mind.
  • bendingly versatile vibrator, and it's yours to discover!
  • Satisfyer's Partner Multifun 3 features two vibrating silicone stems curving out from one side, and a curvy, deep.
  • diving penetration at the other.
  • The stems can be rotated to the side or backwards to suit just about any possible position.
  • Up top, the stems reach toward each other, leaving some space between.
  • Push them together with your fingers, or have your partner do likewise to gently surround nipples, clitoris, penis, or scrotum.
  • The Multifun 3 can also looped over the penis and worn as a cock ring or double penetrator.
  • you could even stroke with it.
  • Try it out during sex, use it to target the G-spot, or just hold it in hand and direct the shape any.
  • which.
  • way the pleasure wind blows.
  • The Multifun 3 is graced with three motors, one at the tip of each stem and another at the base.
  • The motors in the stems shaft are separately controlled.
  • Both top and bottom feature 10 modes each, so there are up to 100 different combination possible.
  • Of course, you can also enjoy stem vibration alone, same goes for the penetrator.
  • Two buttons control vibration, there's one for the stems (two dots) and one for the base (single dot).
  • Always ready when you are, the Multifun 3 is conveniently USB rechargeable.
  • A simple magnetic charge cord clips to the base of the vibe, and begins powering up when connected to a USB power source.

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