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Sense Virtual Reality Interactive Sex Headset

Sold Out MAX-40040

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  • SenseMax¬†virtual reality sex headset is used with the Senseband¬†or SenseTube to help you connect to the virtual reality world of interactive sex.
  • Access interactive synced content through the SenseNow¬†App on your phone, which you then place in the VR headset for optimal interactive viewing.
  • Add the SenseTube virtual reality stroker or Senseband to customize and control your virtual reality porn experience.
  • The SenseTube and Senseband¬†help the VR SenseNow¬†App adjust the speed based on your stroking speed to help make your¬†interaction as realistic as possible.
  • Connect via the app to¬†immerse yourself in¬†360-degree interactive, realistic videos where you are part of the action.
  • Direct the action you see on the screen by stroking yourself or moving¬†your hand.¬†
  • Your VR lover responds on the screen and follows your movements.
  • Compatible screen size is 4.7-6.0.
  • Best screen size is 5.1-5.7.
  • Long-sight range 0-200.
  • Short sight range 0-800.
  • 1-year warranty.