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Sex & Mischief Fishnet Spanking Paddle

$16.99 SS099-48

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  • Your fetish desires are brought to life.
  • The Fishnet Spanking Paddle revamps the classic paddle design with a fetish fantasy twist.
  • Feel the paddle’s plush design against your partner's skin and watch their eyes grow upon impact.
  • Delight all the senses when you hear the perfect smack sound when skin to paddle contact is made.
  • Arouse the entire body with playful soft taps or strengthen your swats to heighten your sensation play with the Fishnet Spanking Paddle.
  • Material: 60% Polyurethane, 26% Polyester, 10%, Fiberglass, 4% ABS plastic Measurements: 12”x 4.5”, wrist loop, 6”

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