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Sex & Mischief Shadow Ball Crop

Sold Out SS099-28

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  • Where power, pleasure and pain combine.
  • Take your submissive slave to their limits and show them who’s in charge with this solid Shadow Ball Crop.
  • It’s sleek handle and wrist strap makes this crop easy to wear and even easier to use when your partner needs to be shown their place.
  • Tease their sensations as you stroke the crop from their head to toes.
  • Intensify bedroom play with gentle taps or increase sensation with firmer swats of the solid circular tip.
  • Material: 45%phthalate free PVC, 30% phthalate-free TPE, 22% polyurethane, 3% Nickel Free Metal Measurements: LENGTH 17.5”, BALL 1.5”, SHAFT 9.5”, 6.”Handle